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They Made It; Idol Finalists

My Schedule…and a Little Extra:  They made it to Jamaica.  In yesterday’s exhilarating post, I wrote about how we scrambled to get a new passport for my seven year old daughter just three hours before an international flight….  I had many replies asking if my wife had to cancel the press trip…but no, they were able to get on a flight at 10:30p, arrived in Atlanta at 5:30a, waited in the airport for 5 hours and then left for Jamaica.  They return Sunday.  Although I wish I could go on more of Colleen’s press trips, I have no problem missing this one.   |   Joshua Ledet is not in the finals of American Idol and I’m shocked.  Although I love our hometown San Diegan Jessica Sanchez, I feel she is too young and not ready…a couple more years and she will be unstoppable, for real.  And, I love Phillip Phillips because he has the coolest name on the planet, and, he is a genuine artist…of all of them, I’d want to see him in concert.  But Joshua was amazing…watch this if you need proof.

My Mystery Quote:  If you don’t have a dream, then there’s no way to make one come true — Answer.

My Market Watch:  Rates are great.  Disclaimer

My Schedule:  I have just one appointment today at 10:30a…. 

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