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Lowest Rates Ever! RUN LIKE HELL!

My Schedule…and a Little Extra:  We got the passport in record time!  Take a deep breath…I had the bags for my wife and 7-year old daughter in the car…the engine running…my daughter strapped in.  My wife let out a gasp like someone punched her in the stomach…my daughter’s passport had expired and the flight to Jamaica was in 3 hours.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  I broke the law and got to the Passport Authority building in record time. I slowed down just enough…my wife jumped from the car, she tucked and rolled, and was inside the building before I parked the car.  I sprinted to the place where they take your passport photo…my daughter holding on for dear life…her feet off the ground like a kite.  She smiles, they shoot, they print…we run back to the Passport Authority where my wife is waiting with the completed application.  I cut a check for $200 and we submit the application…and wait……and wait……the flight is just over an hour away now……an hour……45 minutes……30 minutes.  We get the new passport!  We RUN to the elevator and position ourselves in-between the doors ready to jump inside.  Tires screech as I pull up to the airport doors.  Kisses…I love you!  Ten minutes later I got the text…they missed the flight.

My Mystery Lyric:   Run, run, run, run…You better make your face up in your favorite disguise — With your button down lips and your roller blind eyes — With your empty smile and your hungry heart — Feel the bile rising from your guilty past with your nerves in tatters — As the cockleshell shatters and the hammers batter — Down your door — You better RUN!  — Answer.

My Market Watch:  RATES CANNOT GET BETTER, CAN THEY?  Holy Rates!  They have NEVER been this low.  Do you really need to know why they are so good?  I didn’t think so.  But suffice it to say the economy is not giving traders reason to invest in stocks so they’re putting their money in bonds instead and as a result, rates are better.  Don’t expect it to last…it can’t…it cannot be sustained.  Take advantage now…it will not last.  Need I say more?   Disclaimer

My Schedule:  I have an appointment at 10:30a and 3:00p. 

One response to “Lowest Rates Ever! RUN LIKE HELL!

  1. Phil May 18, 2012 at 2:09 am

    One of my favs

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