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Barking! Barking!; Purchases and Arms Increasing; Nearest Thing to Heaven

My Schedule…and a little extra:  The dogs are barking, barking, barking in this frenetic symphony and it makes the back of my neck feel all tingly….  If you recall, a couple weeks ago my wife, who is a travel writer for MSNBC and creator of, went on a press trip to Quebec.  Dog-sledding was the highlight (jealous? me?) and wrote about it here.  Colleen is skilled at expressing her experience in a concise and exhilarating manner…I encourage you to read it.  Oh, and please comment on her blog and don’t forget to mention she owes me a trip to Vegas, you dig?   Mystery Lyric:  Everything I want the world to be, Is now coming true especially for me — And the reason is clear, It’s because you are here, You’re the nearest thing to heaven that I’ve seen — AnswerIn Economic News:  Last week purchases increased but refis decreased making overall mortgage applications slightly on the negative side.  An interesting note, Arm applications have increased…because of rates?  Barring an unforeseen geopolitical development, rates should be stable….   My Schedule:  I am available all morning and have just one appointment in the afternoon….

Correspondent Flow – Non-Delegated (“Mini-Correspondent”)

We have two ways to work with you.

  1. Wholesale:  traditional delivery – pricing is fantastic.
  2. Correspondent Flow – Non-Delegated (also referred to as “Mini-Correspondent”):  same awesome price as wholesale.  In this model we underwrite the loan, you pull docs, and you fund in your name on your line. You also receive a discount from the wholesale lending fee.  There is no minimum net worth requirement but you have to have your own warehouse line.  Let me know if you want more information….


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