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Daddy, why…? Economy Improving?

My Schedule…and a little extra:   While I’m on the subject of music lately, have you seen Pink’s Grammy performance from last year?  Questions from the kids:  Daddy, why is her name Pink?  Daddy, why is she taking off her clothes?  Daddy, won’t she get sick hanging upside down?  Daddy, why do you watch this video so many times?   In economic news:  Could the economy be improving?  Really?  Don’t play with me now!  Well, inflation is trending lower, jobless claims are at their lowest levels since 2008, and housing is on the rise too.  So, you tell me…are we improving?   My Schedule:  Friday means Happy Hour with the neighbors which starts early…but I’ll be available until at least 4:00p. J  Have a great weekend!

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