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Ending To Game Of Thrones – When To Call Me

First, this might be a spoiler so if you haven’t watched it yet on HBO I encourage you to do so, but don’t read any further here. In my opinion, Game of Thrones may be the best series ever, maybe with the exception of Breaking Bad. I just finished watching the entire GOT series for the second time in anticipation of the new series entitled House Of The Dragon which just started.  That said, MANY people were upset with GOT’s ending after 8 seasons, including me. The main consensus was that the writers rushed the last season and failed to properly develop Daenerys Targaryen’s character before she went completely dark and torched King’s Landing. HOWEVER, after watching the series again, I now feel better about it having realized they did provide several hints to her destructive nature leading into the final season. Just before she goes bonkers her first dragon was murdered and she lost half her army fighting the Night King. Then, shortly thereafter her second dragon was murdered and her best friend was beheaded right in front of her by Cersei Lannister. At this point she understandably lost her blank. So, although I wish they had revealed her monstrous character more profoundly and earlier, you can rest easy knowing I’ve forgiven the writers. Now, on to House Of The Dragon!.

When To Call Me For A Loan – Reasons to Use WBL

  1. Your Merchant needs more money than you can get approved for an MCA, and they have equity in real estate.
  2. You funded an MCA loan for the Merchant and they want a second loan for more cash out, and they have equity in real estate.
  3. The Merchant was declined for an MCA loan for any reason, and they have equity in real estate. We can overcome just about any reason they were declined:
    • Declined because of poor cash flow or declining deposits.
    • Declined because of too many defaults.
    • Declined because of too many open MCA loans.
    • Declined because FICO score too low or other derogatory credit.
    • Declined because they haven’t been in business long enough or their industry in unacceptable.

Resource Links, Process & Loan Intake Instructions

Appointment Link – Get On Phil’s Calendar.

White Label Marketing Flyers Using Your Logo & Contact Information.

Flyer For Independent Sales Organization – ISO — Phil Grossfield

Email the Loan Opportunity To Me.  Send me (1) an Application with all the Merchant/Borrower’s information including their mobile number and email address, (2) a full description of the real estate (download this Excel REO Schedule), and (3) a minimum 3-months business bank statements (6 months is better if you have it).

To Qualify For A Business Loan.  (1) Equity in Real Estate – we’ll utilize virtually any type and combination of real estate in any condition, and (2) Revenues – sufficient to support/afford the loan payments.  If we have these two, we can overcome just about any hurdle…

Process.  After I send the loan opportunity to our Intake Department, they’ll send me feedback on the real estate collateral, affordability, and any other considerations. On the same day or next, I’ll present potential loan structures to our Market Clearance team for guidance. Then you and I will discuss and decide what to Offer your Merchant Borrower. If accepted, then we’ll send the an authorization form and formally submit the loan.

Always Ask Merchant/Borrower If They Have Real Estate – What Real Estate Will Be Acceptable As Collateral?

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