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Tell Me About It, Stud

Tell Me About It, Stud

I was absolutely and categorically infatuated with Sandy, or should I say the recently departed Olivia Newton-John after a 30-year battle with breast cancer.  What can I say…she had me at “Tell me about it, Stud“.  I was 12 when I saw Grease for the first time and it wasn’t long before I had a poster of her on my teenage wall. To be fair, I also had a poster of Bo Derek and Farrah Fawcett, but it was Sandy I was hopelessly devoted to. She was gorgeous, sweet, and, well, ELECTRIFYING!

Real Estate Is The Key

How hard is it to simply ask every Merchant if they have real estate? For the love of all things holy in this land, ask them! Every time!  If your merchant has real estate, then you instantaneously have an opportunity for a large commission. Why? Because we set the loan amount based on the equity in real estate, not based on the Merchant’s revenues. Our average loan amount is $500,000 and our average commission payout is 4-5 points. Make it part of your routine to always ask the merchant if they have real estate and while you’re at it, find out what they think it’s worth and what they owe on it. Then email me or text/call met at (212) 271-8267 direct. You can still get them an MCA loan and simultaneously apply for a loan with us…read about that here. And I don’t care if they were turned down for an MCA loan…they can still qualify with us.  Let’s go! 

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The Market…My Take

The bond market is what I typically watch because it has a direct correlation to the real estate market. Although all markets including the stock market impact lenders, nothing impacts the market more than bonds.  And since bonds hate inflation and directly affect interest rates, it’s particularly interesting to see what’s happening in todays environment.  As of late, interest rates, inflation, and consumer demand all declined…that’s a good thing. So, it appears the Fed’s strategy of raising rates is actually starting to work…soon stores should be putting things on sale. Will the raise rates again this month?  Maybe not in light of recent reports…we’ll have to wait and see…
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Resource Links, Process & Loan Intake Instructions

Appointment Link – Get On Phil’s Calendar.

White Label Marketing Flyers Using Your Logo & Contact Information.

Flyer For Independent Sales Organization – ISO — Phil Grossfield

Email the Loan Opportunity To Me.  Send me (1) an Application with all the Merchant/Borrower’s information including their mobile number and email address, (2) a full description of the real estate (download this Excel REO Schedule), and (3) a minimum 3-months business bank statements (6 months is better if you have it).

To Qualify For A Business Loan(1) Equity in Real Estate – we’ll utilize virtually any type and combination of real estate in any condition, and (2) Revenues – sufficient to support/afford the loan payments.  If we have these two, we can overcome just about any hurdle…

Process.  After I send the loan opportunity to our Intake Department, they’ll send me feedback on the real estate collateral, affordability, and any other considerations. On the same day or next, I’ll present potential loan structures to our Market Clearance team for guidance. Then you and I will discuss and decide what to Offer your Merchant Borrower. If accepted, then we’ll send the an authorization form and formally submit the loan.

Always Ask Merchant/Borrower If They Have Real Estate – What Real Estate Will Be Acceptable As Collateral?


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