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Culture Shift Comes With Success

ethos logo verticalCulture Shift Comes With Success.  Ethos is having great success. We’ve hit record numbers which allowed us to increase our staff. We have more underwriters, doc drawers, etc. This has allowed us to reduce the number of loans underwritten per Underwriter each day, and open them up to better communication with LOs and Processors.  In fact, because of our success, Underwriters are now making outbound phone calls to Processors after they have uploaded all but 2 to satisfy conditions. Underwriters are also calling out after the second round of uploads has been completed. This has proven to get more loans CTC faster.  Last, Underwriters will call you upon request via ASK-E, our IM system for direct access to the Underwriters.

In addition, I now have a new more experienced underwriting team all located in the same office with your Broker Advocate. And, our Underwriting Lead is one of the best ever. This is proving to make things much more efficient.  With all the success Ethos has had, and all of the success I have personally had, these changes are exciting to get us to the next level. A level of service that exceeds the industry standard while maintaining our hyper-aggressive pricing strategy. Let’s go!

Winning Combination

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