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A House Is A Home; Don’t Bring the Wagon

My Schedule…and a Little Extra:   Two things:  (1) I do not recommend you bring a Red Radio Flyer wagon to the fair unless you’re prepared to run over many a feet and risk the possibility of getting into a physical confrontation with a very large man whose daughter’s foot you’ve just violated.  Also, beware the moralless father who simply throws his kid in your wagon when you’re not looking and walks off, and, when your wife finds him and bravely confronts him he shakes it off with a shrug of his shoulders; and (2) I’m sure you know someone who has lost a house or who is trying desperately to hold on to it.  I like this post from Rob Chrisman, an extremely-knowledgeable well-respected speaker and daily blogger in our industry who wrote this excerpt about how insensitive the press is about the incredible emotional attachment one has to his home:

“Last month we sold the house where my kids grew up, and I had a handyman remove the doorframe where we marked heights on birthdays. I am not mentioning this to turn the daily into a Hallmark card, but because it reminded me of one thing that the press seems to forget: a house is a home and not a share of stock. And when it comes to that, the popular press seems to forget that people need a place to live, that people want a good school district for their kids, a place to get to know the neighbors, a place to create an emotional attachment. I could go on and on, but there are very concrete reasons why people who are underwater on a house still make the payments, why many who supposedly saw the real estate decline didn’t sell their home, and why so many people don’t care about minute fluctuations in the price of housing based on the latest metric.”

My Mystery Lyric:  Watching girls go passing by, It aint the latest thing — I’m just standing in a doorway, I’m just trying to make some sense — Out of these girls go passing by, The tales they tell of men — I’m not waiting on a lady, I’m just waiting on a friend — Answer

My Market Watch:  There are a bunch of indicators I could list off for you and reports and comments made by European leaders regarding debt….  But this is all a bunch of boring “data”…nothing really interesting to me at least.  Bond prices started out lower this morning but Interbank rates came out practically the same from yesterday.  Disclaimer

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