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Record Your Memories

memotosRecord Your Memories.  Yes, we can now record your memories, kind of. Memotos has created the Narrative, a camera with GPS technology that takes a picture every 30 seconds of any portion of your day. In fact, if desired, you can have it snap pictures of your entire day, and store them in an efficient, geographical and otherwise organized manner on a cloud-based server.  Therefore, you can effectively create a memory of your day in 30-second picture increments.  The technology is tiny, and attaches to your clothing. You simply clip to your clothes and look up the results later.

beach_dayThis technology would have been awesome for a day like yesterday. French toast breakfast and then a long stretch of games in the backyard including coloring and tic-tac-toe with the 6-year old on the right and hangman and scrabble with the 9-year old on the left.  Then the daily scramble to get out of the house and off to lunch, followed by a bare foot stroll along Torrey Pines State Beach. beach_day2In fact, just to turn it on for the beach section of the day would have been cool. Sure, we took a few pictures with our phones, but how cool would it be to have a 30x30x30x30x30x30… account of that 90-minute stretch?  The remainder of the day was just as fun…swimming at the club, an ice cream break, and then home for BBQ dinner with the neighbors, complete with collective neighborhood puppy entertainment.  This was a memorable day…in a matter of typing I’ve memorialized it here. But having a photographic account of this day would be something I would love to be able to see.

Check out this 2-minute video about Memotos Narrative.

My Market Watch:  Bonds Down -6bps. The Fannie Mae 30-Year Bond is trading down this morning -6bps since Friday’s close. A lender’s rates/pricing worsen when bonds are being sold off although -6bps is not enough to make a significant difference.

crimeaCrimea continues to be in the spotlight…I’m not exactly sure why this news is so significant to Americans but I suppose there must be some oil or other interest our government is looking at. One interesting note is Crimeans got the opportunity to vote on whether to join Russia…95% were in favor of it. But if you dig a little deeper you learn that their only other choice was to be independent, not to return to the Ukraine. Anyway, how this affects pricing is yet to be seen.  Historically unrest in the world creates an unstable economic market for traders…usually this results in more bond trading since it’s a safer bet. We’ll have to wait and see what happens…

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