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A New Way To Read

spritzA New Way To Read.  I can read incredibly fast as long as comprehension isn’t taken into consideration. I always wanted to read faster, in fact long ago I took a speed-reading class…it taught how to read in chunks, you know, paragraph by paragraph. AND IT WORKED, I could read super-fast…but my comprehension got even worse…ugh!  So, I stuck to the old fashion way of reading.

Spritz has unveiled a new technology that let’s you read over 1,000 words per minute, that’s 800 words faster than the average. It works by bringing the words to you rather than the traditional method of moving your eyes across and down the page, which is extremely inefficient for your eyes. Spritz flashes the words on a screen in a specific way so your eyes won’t move. That is, the words come to you rather than you going after the words. Man, I wish I had that technology when I was in law school!  As soon as the technology is available for the iPhone I’m all over it. Here’s a good writeup on TechAdvisor if you’re interested.

My Market Watch:  Bonds Flat – Now Down Just -5bps.  The Fannie Mae 30-Year Bond is down -5bps since yesterday’s close.  A lender’s rates/pricing generally get worse when the bond is being sold off.  But -5bps is not enough to really affect pricing. Interestingly, Interbank has been issuing mid-day reprice improvements even when the market is flat.  I think this is a strategy to see how the market reacts to morning reports, and then positively adjust pricing if the bond remains stable. Since the bond is actually down this morning, I don’t expect any improvements to pricing at this time.

One response to “A New Way To Read

  1. Bernie March 12, 2014 at 6:41 pm

    It is so so much better to read this way….

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