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She Can Sing! Serious Pipes!

frozen_idina_menzelShe Can Blow!  Man! There are not many singers that have the range and power of Idina Menzel…she has SERIOUS PIPES. And to prove it you have to watch her performance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallen.  As a side note, I love Jimmy Fallen…I always have…he’s the closest thing we’ve had to Johnny Carson, and I loved Johnny Carson. Not to take a shot at Conan, but Jimmy has more range, and he has infectious energy…I just love the guy…serious man-crush.  Anyway, he does a lot of music videos with his guests, and they’re pretty cool. My favorite is Miley Cyrus – “We Can’t Stop” (A Cappella).

The other night he had Idina Menzel on his show to sing Let It Go, from the Disney Frozen movie.  As I said in my post-Oscars post, Frozen is now one of my all-time favorite Disney movies, and this song is the best Disney song so far. YOU GOT TO CHECK OUT IDINA’S PIPES!


bored_ho-humMy Market Watch:  Bonds Flat +6bps.  The Fannie Mae 30-Year Bond is flat, up just 6bps after a big sell-off yesterday.  When traders sell off bonds our rates/pricing get worse.  There really isn’t much going on, and without something more enticing to write about I won’t waste my time, or yours. I’ll keep an eye on things today and if something should spark my interest I’ll fill you in….

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