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Top 10 Reasons We Watch The Oscars

oscars_ellenTop 10 Reasons We Watch The Oscars.  As long as I record the Oscars so I can skip through the boring stuff, I like watching.  I asked my wife and in-laws who were in town this weekend for their top reasons to watch the Oscars:

  1. To see what they’re wearing – per my mother-in-law, Grandma Ellen.
  2. To see what they’re not wearing – per my father-in-law, Papa Tom.
  3. To see all the pretty people – I made this one up although I really don’t care…I just thought it should be on the list. However, it doesn’t pain me to see Charlize Theron and Scarlett Johansson …yowza!
  4. To watch Ellen DeGeneres – per Papa Tom although Grandma Ellen was approvingly nodding her head.  My favorite line was when she told Jonah Hill he revealed something in Wolf of Wall Street that she hadn’t seen in a long time.
  5. To laugh at their stupid acceptance speeches – per Grandma Ellen. This is why I record the Oscars…so I can skip past the mundane.
  6. frozen_idina_menzelTo hear Idina Menzel sing the Frozen song – per my wife, the Travel Mama.  I have to say, Frozen is now one of my all-time favorite Disney movies …right up there with Toy Story, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Finding Nemo. But the song Let It Go is the best Disney song so far and Menzel kills it…in a good way. You can listen to the song in the animated scene.
  7. To find out who won – per papa Tom with a dissenting opinion from Grandma Ellen since you can simply look it up on the Internet after the show.
  8. oscars_u2To watch the Memoriam and see who passed away over the year – per Papa Tom but I agree.  I’m always astonished at how many names I recognize.
  9. To watch U2 perform Ordinary Love – this one is mine because any chance to watch U2 perform live is AWESOME.
  10. AND THE NUMBER ONE REASON TO WATCH THE OSCARS IS ………………… drum roll please ……………….. to watch people get acknowledged for following their dreams – gee, I wonder who said this? Yes, it was me…on this side of the family I guess I’m the sappy one.

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From what I’m reading it’s because of the conflict overseas between Ukraine and Russia over Crimea which was transferred to Ukraine from Russia in 1954…Russia has taken it back. The potential for war always freaks out traders as it pertains to stocks because global instability affects the global markets…everything is connected in a matter of typing. So, the safe bet is to sell off stocks and invest in bonds instead.

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