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Smack Talk Retraction

superbowl48Smack Talk Retraction.  I was talking smack, or rather I was typing smack after I put out an email on Friday that I was taking Denver, and giving 4 points.  Ugh!  I had a fair amount of retaliation to that statement and even placed a lunch bet with a few lucky clients.  When someone would say something to the effect of “Seattle’s defense is just too strong” I would respond with “2 words:  Peyton Manning.”  Uh, okay, I was wrong.

WHAT A BLOWOUT. I can’t remember the last time I saw two high-caliber teams go at it with one team completely dominated in every aspect of the game…defense, offense and all facets of special teams.  The Seattle defense was unstoppable……and fast…it’s almost as if they were playing against a team in slow motion. The divergence was so entirely one-sided…they completely took Manning and the offense out of the game from the very first snap. Do you know its only been 8 times (out of 48) that a defensive player has been named MVP of as Superbowl?  What an awesome display by Seattle.

dancingThe best part of the game was halftime with Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Bruno was fantastic – my son was dancing like a rock star during the half-time show…click here to see him jam.


My Schedule:  Available all day….

My Market Watch:  Bonds Up & Price Improvement Possible – Prices Improved – Jobs Week.  The 30-year Fannie Mae bond is up again now +23bps since Friday’s close. The bond has now broken through a ceiling of resistance and looks to sustain that level. If so, it is entirely possible we will see a reprice improvement this morning.

This week is Jobs week and although today is a quiet day regarding economic reports the remainder of the week should be eventful. More on that to come….

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