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Women’s Image? Job’s Report Tomorrow

beauty1Women’s Image?  I freak out when I see things like this…a women’s image distorted in such a significant way. My daughter is a beautiful 8-year old girl and I don’t want consumerism teaching her how she should look. I’ve written about this on a few occasions. Click the picture to the left and then read my post here:  No Cinderella For You!

My Market Watch:   Pricing Improved – Bonds Up. Jobs Report Friday

The Fannie Mae 30-year bond is up +12bps on the day but lost a little momentum from earlier. Fixed rates improved slightly and the Jumbo pricing has improved significantly.

jobsreport2Tomorrow is the Jobs Report and there is speculation on the results. From what I read the expectation is about 100,000 new jobs created in October. However, the actual number reported is not that important as it impacts rates. Rather, its the difference between what is expected and reported that makes the impact.

  • When traders buy bonds our rates/pricing improve.
  • Traders buy bonds when they feel the economy is weak because they don’t want to invest in stocks. In fact, they will pull money out of stocks to invest in bonds in response to weak economic data.
  • The Job’s Report tells us how many new jobs were created in October.
  • If there are less new jobs than expected, then traders interpret the news as a weak economy. Less new jobs = weaker economy.
    If there are more new jobs than expected, then traders interpret the news as a strong economy. More new jobs = stronger economy.

The expected number of new jobs to be reported is only 100,000…that is a very low number, lower by about 50,000 on average. So, my brain tells me that it’s unlikely the actual reported number will come in less than that. If anything, it will probably come out stronger. So, for my money, I’d error on the side of locking in case the actual reported number comes in higher than 100,000.  I hope that made sense. Let me know if you have any comments or questions…..


MOVEMBER.  Last year I grew a gnarly mustache. It was so thick you could barely see my face at all. I’m 46 and my Dad had, and beat, prostate cancer. This is why I don’t shave to support Movember…a charity for research aimed at men’s Cancer afflictions. If you’d like to join my team, click here. If you’d like to donate, even $5, click here. Thanks.  All you have to do is not shave!  

Movember is a fundraiser for research in battling male Cancer afflictions.


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