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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Does my MO scare you?!

Last year I grew a gnarly mustache and beard. It was so thick you could barely see my face at all. When you think MAN, think Phil. When you think SCARY MAN, think Phil. Below in the image I explain why I decided to grow my mo for cancer research last year. This year my buddy Mathew and I started a team…JOIN US.  ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS NOT SHAVE.


My Market Watch:   Pricing Holds Strong. Bonds Up. Fed Policy Statement Uneventful.  Despite the nes reports, I found the Fed Statement to be uneventful. Nonetheless, bonds sold off yesterday in what could have been a big move into negative territory, but the 200-Day Moving Average floor saved the day. As of now the Fannie Mae 30-year bond is performing well and is trading positively. Moreover, the bond is trading north of the 200-day moving average floor and that allows us to take a deep breath and focus on originations….



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