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movember2012MOVEMBER IS HERE!  JOIN ME!   What you see in the picture is my mustache from yesterday…yes, it only takes one day for me to grow an incredibly masculine upper lip. Yes, that’s a lie. Actually, that took me about a month to grow but I feel no less manly just the same. IT’S TIME!

movember2012_3JOIN TEAM GROSSFIELD NOW!  Click here and join my Team

All you have to do is not shave!  That’s it!  Then you ask people to donate to Cancer research. Donations can be $5…it doesn’t matter because everything counts. Oh, and it’s fun! Each day or so in November I’ll be posting my progress over the course…trust me, it will be entertaining.  So join me and GROW YOUR MO!

My Market Watch:   Bonds Flat – Pricing Same As Yesterday.  The  Fannie Mae 30-year bond has been flat all day. Everyone is waiting for tomorrow’s Fed policy statement and employment numbers.

The Fed is not expected to make any comments on Quantitative Easing. The only wild card in tomorrow’s statement would be that. All eyes are focused on tomorrow. Without any information to suggest that QE tapering is back on the table, rates/pricing should hold strong through tomorrow’s reports. Hang on!


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