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Jobs Report Week; Bonds Up! Incredible Babies

evian_baby colleen_bookcover_cut
Incredible Babies!
These babies are amazing!  I have never seen anything like it. You have to check this out! They can really skate and dance!

Baby Roller Skating – Evian

Baby Dancing –

The Travel Mama’s Guide!
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My Market Watch:  Bonds Up – Pricing Improved. The 30-year bond is up this morning about +25bps. Actually bonds were doing worse this morning when I woke up…I rolled my eyes and turned over in bed. But by the time I got the kids off to school bonds had fully recovered and are now up significantly. Why?  Weak economic reports including the ISM which normally isn’t that impactful…but with so much volatility traders are looking for any indication of when to buy bonds.

This week is big…BIG. It’s Jobs Report week and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each can have a significant impact. Specifically, the Jobs Report has the potential to move the markets but before I make a predication I need to read more and see how things look tomorrow. Of course, if I knew for sure what was going to happen I would be a professional poker player who gambled my obnoxious amount of money. I can tell you this…the Jobs Report indicates how many new jobs were created in May. If the report indicates a lot of new jobs, then traders consider that a good sign for the economy. Conversely, if there are less new jobs then traders will interpret the news as bad for the economy. If traders think the economy is stronger they will invest in stocks and pricing will get even worse. If they think the economy is weaker they will invest in bonds and pricing will get better.Equally important, the Fed will speak and presumably will address Bernanke’s statement about Quantitative Easing in mid-May. You know what I think they will say. If I’m right, then bond prices should move significantly higher. If I’m wrong, Lord help us all. More to come….

Don’t Let Your Locks Expire!  Bonds Will Eventually Come Back…. Read Me

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One response to “Jobs Report Week; Bonds Up! Incredible Babies

  1. Bernie June 3, 2013 at 7:05 pm

    the babies were super cute, so were the adults….it is good to remind all of us there is a child inside each of us and we need to be good to us too….

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