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turtleman_aliciaMy Schedule…and A Little Extra:  Here is an update on my post from yesterday that there are Rats In My Grill.  There are still rats in my grill.  I called an exterminator company called Antac that got good reviews on Angie’s List.  I clearly explained a cowardly mama rat built a nest in my grill and had babies and I want them to be gone.  I think my specific words were something like ‘I want a rat-free grill…I want no more rats in my grill…I want all rats removed from my grill so there are no rats in my grill.’  So they sent Roger…after inspecting the rats in my grill Roger told me he cannot remove the rats from my grill because he does not know how to do that. That does not help me Roger.  Let me be clear, I WANT THE RATS OUT OF MY GRILL!  Now he is sending someone else to get the rats out of my grill. I hope he’s one of those Reality TV guys like the Live Action Turtle Man.  |||  Simply put, Alicia Keys was awesome.  Our seats were too far away but the energy and performance was fantastic!

My Market Watch:  Rates/pricing are the same as yesterday morning.  Despite my correct prediction that pricing would improve yesterday afternoon with a mid-day reprice, pricing was down this morning after some economic reports were released.  But bonds are trading well again this morning since rate sheets were published and there is hope for another reprice improvement this afternoon.  I’ll keep you posted if possible….  My Disclaimer

My Schedule:  Today I am available all day until 4p and then I have an appointment.

My Fun Stuff: I watch this almost every single day  |||  All My Fun Stuff

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