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Rats In My Grill! Alicia Keyes Here I Come!

aliciaMy Schedule…and A Little Extra:  Rats in my grill!  WTH?!  I was about to fire up the grill when I heard a noise…I opened the cover and saw a large bundle of leaves inside under the grates. WTH?!  With all the rain and wind and cold weather in San Diego it’s been a couple of months since we used it last…but how did all those leaves get in there?  I tapped the grate and saw a rat run out of the bundle and down into the bottom of the grill and disappear.  WTH?!  Then I saw two baby mice rolling around…they must have been knocked out of the bundle when the mama cowardly took off…baby mice in my grill!  WTH?!  “Colleen! There be mice in our grill!” I yelled to my wife.  My kids ran over screaming, “let me see…let me see!”  Oh the excitement of it all.  My wife said, “Nooooo!  You need to get rid of them right away!”  My daughter screamed, “don’t hurt them Daddy! They’re just babies!”  I said “settle down…everybody calm down.” Never a dull moment at the Grossfield house.  I am calling an exterminator post-haste…I’ll ask them to not hurt the babies.  |||  I am going to see Alicia Keyes tonight in San Diego with my wife…wooohoooooo!

My Market Watch:  Rates/pricing is the same as yesterday.  I was hopeful pricing would improve since the stock market was moving south and bonds were trading high…those gains were erased this morning with the retail sales report…bummer.  Today there is an auction on 10-year notes that might move the markets.  Other than that, look for geopolitical events to influence traders.  I am still hopeful that pricing will improve over the short-term.  My Disclaimer

My Schedule:  Today I am available all day until 4p and then done to get ready for the Alicia Keyes concert in San Diego…woooohoooooo!

My Fun Stuff: I watch this almost every single day  |||  All My Fun Stuff

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