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BOA $ettles; Dog Dinner

Penny Puppers1My Schedule…and A Little Extra:    My dog is killing my wallet.  My problem is I love the damn mutt.  That’s why I tossed out a couple thousand dollars to fix her leg when she blew it out.  Now her food isn’t working, so I have to go with a prescription and man, its expensive!  I’m telling ya, she’d better not blow out another leg or we might be having Penny for dinner!

My Schedule:  I have one appointment today at 2:30p…otherwise available….

My Market Watch: You hear about Bank of America’s settlement with Fannie?  In a nutshell it’s an $11.7 billion agreement which includes payment of $8.5 billion to end reviews of foreclosure-abuse claims stemming from a 2011 deal with regulators.. Thank you Countrywide!  Ouch!  Bloomberg Article  |||  I still advise you read my post from Friday…Freak Out and Get Your Rear-End In Gear.  Other than that the market is flat at the present time….  My Disclaimer

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