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Migraine Madness

migraineMy Schedule…and A Little Extra:   I felt odd all day on Friday…I was up very early for a 5:45a spin class and then didn’t eat lunch until 1:30p. By 2:30p my head started to hurt so bad I went and laid down in my car for a while.  I ended up driving home and praying for my head to stop hurting…it was debilitating.  Now, I have had migraines in the past but usually they are brought on by sinus issues after I wake up in the middle of the night or early morning but I have never had something like this happen.  It freaked me out.  I’m fine now, but man, if you’ve never experienced a migraine then let me tell you…it’s a crazy thing.  ||| On Saturday night my neighbor hired Steve Poltz of the Rugburns to perform in his living room…it was awesome!

My Schedule:  I have one appointment today at 11:00a and will be available after lunch…otherwise available….

My Market Watch: Not much going on today.  I advise you read my post from Friday…Freak Out and Get Your Rear-End In Gear.  My Disclaimer

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