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No Surprises Here; Need A Laugh?

VWlaughMy Schedule…and A Little Extra:   Happy 2013 y’all!  I was in the gym this morning early for spin class…I’m back on track baby…I’ve made the shift.  Need a laugh?  Watch this…guaranteed to make you smile.

My Market Watch:  Well, it’s not a good plan but it’s something.  I’m telling ya, this Congress is just not getting it done.  I mean geez, they knew the cliff was coming and they figuratively drove off anyway…then they pull a last-minute parachute with holes in it…the car will survive but it’s going to hit the ground hard.  I hope you’ve been paying attention to my warning regarding rates/pricing…as you can see pricing is worse by about 0.375-0.500…I hope you locked in early.  And it would have been worse but-for the Fed’s commitment to buying more bonds.  Congress makes me laugh.  Need a laugh?  Watch this…guaranteed to make you smile.  Let me know your thoughts….    My Disclaimer

My Schedule:  available all day….

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