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Drag My Sorry Ass Out Of Bed

kingMy Schedule…and A Little Extra:   I’ll tell you why it was not easy to drag my sorry ass out of bed…but first let me start this post by saying I had a wonderful long weekend and I trust you did too.  Yesterday I received a lot of clothes…I needed clothes.  I also got a nice Starbuck’s coffee mug with pictures of my family all over it…that was my favorite gift (other than the hand-made drawings my kids made).  I also got a waffle-maker from the in-laws and that’s a pretty nice gift I must say…I’m the breakfast chef in my house so I’m looking forward to whipping up some Belgian waffles!  The other fun gift I got was a Slingbox from my bother-in-law.  I’m excited to try that out…it’s supposed to transmit anything from my TV (whether recorded or live) to my laptop, iPad and iPhone…I do love me some technology…I’ll try setting that up tonight.  The gift I gave myself was a new membership to a gym…yes, it’s time to get back into shape.  Now normally when I make a commitment like this I’ll set a start date such as New Years Day and then eat and drink profusely until then.  But I just can’t wait until New Years Day…it’s out of control.  So this morning I was up at 5:10a and in the gym by 5:45a for spin class.  And man, let me tell you it was not easy to drag my sorry ass out of bed this morning.  But now I have Belgian waffles on my mind, and more importantly, all the clothes I received yesterday are a size too small…hmmm, you think that was a hint?

My Market Watch:  Bonds are holding firm and opened with the same rates as Friday…but make no mistake, news on the Fiscal Cliff will dominate the market this week.  There are but 4 days left to come to a resolution and my guess is they’ll do it and when they do, expect the bond market to suffer and the stock market to  jump.  When that happens it means traders are pulling money out of the bond market to invest in stocks instead.  To what extent I don’t know but I do know when bonds are sold off our rates/prices worsen.  As I have repeatedly advised, take this opportunity to call your clients so you can explain the situation.  Make sure you put a disclaimer in there somewhere…just like I do….  My Disclaimer

My Schedule: Recovering but available all day.

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