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Miami Heat & Boston Celtics; Jobs Report Aftermath

My Schedule…and a Little Extra:  I love Kevin Garnett but Boston is probably going to lose.  Garnett was a long-time Minnesota Timberwolve and being a Minnesotan I’ve always loved watching him play…he is the ultimate competitor who gives every bit of his heart.  And Boston has a good cast…I mean Rondo is sick with some of the passes he attempts.  But Miami is too good, even without Chris Bosh.  That said, the biggest problem Miami has is their coach.  The man has not been able to design a game winning play all season.  The Heat are 0-10 in games with a chance to win with less than 30 seconds remaining.  That’s when the coach has to make his money…he has to have a game winning strategy…a play…ANY PLAY!  In the last couple minutes of a game Miami looks like their Queen Bee got killed and the soldiers have no idea what to do.  For Miami to win, they need to be ahead going into the final two minutes of the game.  Otherwise, Boston has a shot. 

My Mystery Lyric:  Gotta make a change, For once in my life — It’s gonna feel real good, Gonna make a difference, Gonna make it right — As I turned up the collar on, A favorite winter coat, This wind is blowing my mind — I see the kids in the street, With not enough to eat, Who am I to be blind Pretending not to see their needs — Answer

My Market Watch:  The Jobs Report on Friday was awful and as a result rates got better while stocks got killed.  The reason was simple…with such an ugly economic report traders put their money into bonds rather than stocks.  Well, today traders are taking some of those gains from bonds on Friday and are selling them off…as a result rates today are slightly worse than Friday…but not by much.  There are no other major economic reports today so unless there is some geopolitical news I expect rates to be steady throughout the day.  Disclaimer

My Schedule:  I have a doctor appointment today at 10:30 and will otherwise be available.

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