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Like Michael Jordan; Happy Mother’s Day Y’all!

My Schedule…and a Little Extra:   I’m the kind of guy that wanted Michael Jordan to win every single game and championship because I felt he was irrefutably deserving of it.  Similarly, in a talent contest such as American Idol, putting aside everything else (looks, etc.), I believe the three most talented should advance.  This year on American Idol, we achieved just that.  Jessica Sanchez has a haunting voice far surpassing her age of sixteen. Phillip Phillips, besides having a cool name dear to my heart, is the truest Artist of the bunch with a unique singing style and who put aside any doubt he can stay in tune.  And then there is Joshua Ledet whose album I would buy before hearing even one song.  As my Mom says, it’s pure entertainment…  By the way, I received a fair number of emails on my comment yesterday that Steven Tyler is not wasted every night…apparently I’m in the minority.  I also received just one email on my comment about Jennifer Lopez…from my wife.  Happy Mother’s Day Y’all!
My Trivia:   What is the world’s smallest country?  a) Monaco  b) Vatican City  c) San Marino  d) Nauru  e) Liechtenstein — Answer.
My Market Watch:  Stocks are down…bonds are up…rates are better….  What are you waiting for?  Do you really think rates are going to get much better?  Really?  Is your borrower holding out for a rate more competitive than what you see above?  I’d love some feedback on this because I would advise my Mom to lock right now.   Disclaimer
My Schedule:  I have appointments at 10:00, noon, and 2:30p. Although I might be difficult to reach by cell, I will have adequate time to respond to all emails and calls before the end of the day.  If it’s an urgent matter, then text me for the love of all things holy in this land.

Purchases:      3 days from Submission (after registration)…prioritized throughout the process.

Refinances:     5 days from Submission (after registration)…45-day locks still recommended.

Conditions:     48 hours from last uploaded document.

For a Clean Underwriting Decision Resulting in Happiness and Adulation – Read Me
For a Long List of Conditions, a Huge Hassle, and Massive Frustration – Ignore Me

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