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You’re Dead Wrong!

My Schedule…and a Little Extra:  “You’re absolutely wrong – 100% wrong,” I said to my wife…ever so carefully.  She is……wrong that is.  American Idol is an awesome show and if you or anyone else you know doesn’t agree then you or they are dead wrong too.  And yes, Ryan Seacrest is a very tiny man, and yes, Jennifer Lopez has large buttocks and yes she is in fact extremely hot.  And no, Steven Tyler is not wasted every night.  That’s all I have to say about that.

Mystery Lyric:   Listen…Do you want to know a secret?  Do you promise not to tell?  Whoa…Closer…Let me whisper in your ear — Say the words you long to hear…I’m in love with you — Answer.

My Market Watch:  Rates are a little worse this morning by about 0.125 in price because stocks are trading higher.  There is usually an inverse-relationship between stocks and bonds.  That is, when stocks are being bought, generally bonds are being sold to free up money to buy those stocks (in theory anyway).  I have been warning a correction would come sooner than later…expect this trend to continue unless something happens to push stocks lower.  But even in that case, don’t expect a big improvement, if any, in bonds in the near future.  In fact, in my opinion, we’ve reached a floor in mortgage rates…I think there is virtually nowhere else to go but up from here….  Disclaimer

My Schedule:  I have two appointments today at 10:30a and 2:30p in Irvine.  I am available before by cell, in-between by cell or email, and after by cell.


Purchases:      3 days from Submission (after registration)…prioritized throughout the process.

Refinances:     5 days from Submission (after registration)…45-day locks still recommended.

Conditions:     48 hours from last uploaded document.

For a Clean Underwriting Decision Resulting in Happiness and Adulation – Read Me

For a Long List of Conditions, a Huge Hassle, and Massive Frustration – Ignore Me

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