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Rates Strong; Worst Sci-Fi movie of 2011

My Schedule…and A Little Extra:   Thanks for asking, yes, I did have a nice time.  My sister’s wedding reception was lovely and I spent time with my whole family.  I stayed at my brother’s place and had an opportunity to spend quality time with him.  But more importantly, I had an opportunity to spend precious-rare-quality time with my niece and nephew.  On Saturday, we all had lunch and then my nephew Adam and I sat on the couch and talked for hours about nothing and everything.  BTW, Adam is 24 years old, graduated from business school with honors, has a job waiting for him at Price Waters after the summer, and he’s extremely handsome (like model handsome), and, he is in perfect physical condition…it was like talking to a mirror all afternoon.  What?

My Trivia:   What is the worst Sci-Fi movie made in 2011 that you should never, ever, spend your money on, even if you’re on an airplane and trying to burn 2½ hours?  — Answer.   

My Market Watch:  There are no economic reports coming out today so once again traders are watching news from Europe…this is causing negative activity for the stock market.  When traders have nothing to go on but geopolitical news, and that news is interpreted to mean there is a weak economy, you can expect stocks to suffer and bonds to improve…when bonds improve, rates generally get better or stay strong.  As a result, rates are starting out strong right where they left off on Friday.  Since rates came out this morning I’m seeing bonds falling a little but nothing to be concerned with at this point.  This week in reports is Consumer Confidence, New Home Sales, Durable Goods and on Thursday is the Jobless Claims and Pending Home Sales reports.

My Schedule:  Working from home all day, behind the computer.

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