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Why Did I Move? Yes, It Really Happened

My Schedule…and A Little Extra:   Why did I move?   I’m in Minneapolis at my brother’s house overlooking beautiful Lake Calhoun and the downtown Minneapolis skyline.  It’s gorgeous here…weather is perfect…air is fresh…birds chirping in the background…people smiling.  So why did I move?  Oh yeah, the winters are brutal…they suck real bad.  Oh yeah, the mosquitoes are ruthless…they suck real bad.  Oh yeah, the humidity in the summer is wicked, it sucks real bad.  Oh yeah, the Vikings have never won a Superbowl…they suck real bad.  Well, I guess that explains it.  Nonetheless, family is here and I miss family…all the sucky stuff would be worth it to be closer to them, for real.   |   Yes, it really happened.  Yesterday, I received a fair amount of comments on my true story about how my kids went bonkers in an Italian restaurant last year…if you recall, I wrote ‘they were loud, rude, restless, and my son ended up peeing on the floor.’  Yes, he really did.  As we left the scene we vowed never to return while covering our faces like accused criminals being escorted into a courthouse. But it’s all forgotten now with a sweet do-over the other night.

Mystery Lyric:   I may not always love you, But long as there are stars above you, You never need to doubt it, I’ll make you so sure about it — God only knows what I’d be without you — If you should ever leave me, Though life would still go on believe me, The world could show nothing to me, So what good would living do me — God only knows what I’d be without you — Answer.   

My Market Watch:  With some good news from across seas in Germany and with some positive economic reports in the U.S., traders are investing in the stock market. Remember, when investors feel the economy is stronger, they typically invest in stocks and sell off bonds…when that happens rates worsen.  I don’t expect volatility today but that’s like saying I don’t expect my wife to get upset that I ate the leftover pancakes…I did, and she did…but they were good. J

My Schedule:  Working from my brothers house all day, save an hour to grab dinner with my Dad and sister.  I’ll be done at 5:30p CST or 3:30p PST.  After that, I’ll respond from iPhone/iPad.  Thanks!

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