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Dog Sledding Without Me? Really?

My Schedule…and a little extra:   I’ve been a single Dad all week as my wife is dog-sledding in Quebec, Canada…yes, without me.  I like dog-sledding, or I think I would like it.  But do I get to go?  No, no I do not.  My wife is a travel writer and therefore gets to go on all-expense paid trips…often times without the rest of us.  But am I bitter about it?  No (grinding teeth).  Come on!  Dog-sledding?  Without me?!  Really?!   |   FYI, my wife’s blog can be found at TravelMamas.   In economic news:  Pricing improved yesterday by about 0.250 and the 10-yr closed around 1.98%.  There is not much news…only Consumer Sentiment and New Home Sales.   My Schedule:  I have a noon appointment with a friend recovering from surgery…I’m bringing her a salad, and otherwise available all day….


One response to “Dog Sledding Without Me? Really?

  1. Colleen February 27, 2012 at 7:47 pm

    I wish you could’ve been there to mush with me! I think you would’ve LOVED dog-sledding. Next time, baby, next time!

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