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What Do I Know?

My Schedule…and a little extra:   For weeks I’ve been telling my daughter to tie here shoelaces…“you’ll trip and get hurt” I’d say.  Her response was usually some little 7-year-old snarky reply about how she doesn’t need to tie them.  But what do I know?  I guess some lessons need to be learned the hard way, yes?  Yesterday she learned the hard way…she got strawberries all over her knees and hands.  Now I ask you, is it wrong for me to be happy she got hurt?  I mean, she’s not really hurt, right?  What would Spock say?  Eh, what do I know?   |   FYI, my son is fine…the treatments on his asthma worked great and he’s back in school this morning.   In economic news:  Not much in news yesterday.  The only significant report this morning, besides geopolitical issues or news in Europe, is Existing Home Sales.   My Schedule:  I have an appointment in Mission Viejo and back toSan Diego this afternoon.  I’ll be in the car so email replies might be delayed.

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