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My Wife At The Oval Office

My Wife At The Oval Office.  My wife was honored last week with a trip to Washington D.C. and a tour of the West Wing including a look at the Oval Office.  Not many get this honor…it’s kind of a big deal.

Colleen, better known as the Travel Mama, has a blog and published book on how to travel with children and stay sane.  Her influence has awarded our family travel all over the world.  But imagine our excitement when the White House called Colleen to attend a summit as one of the 100 most influential travel bloggers and digital media. The summit was on Study Abroad and Global Exchange…I guess travel bloggers and the media in general are a good resource for experts on the subject.  BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!  At the end of the summit they announced that 6 out of the 100 attendees would be called back, an honor for their influence, and guess who had that honor…go ahead, guess!  Yup.  And, not only was Colleen honored to be brought back, but she was awarded the ability to honor her father by bringing him too.  The extent of pride I have for my wife is beyond expression.  And you have to admit, she looks pretty damn good pointing to the cameras.  

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