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HAPPY HANUKKAH! What’s A Brother To Do?

IMG_0519.JPGIt’s not broken, but it is sprained, and that’s good, I guess. Quite frankly, I really don’t care if its a strain, a sprain, or a fracture…I just want it to heal quickly. Everyone I’ve spoken to has an opinion about what heals faster. My doctor said a sprain can take 4-6 weeks and a fracture can be longer. A trainer I know said a sprain can take longer than a fracture…ugh. Without exercise I could go batty, and, I could get large(r). Aiaiyyaiiaii!

IMG_0520.JPGLet the record reflect, I’m not one of those people that does real well on a diet and without the ability to exercise I fear all the new clothes I’m going to receive for the holidays won’t fit in 3 weeks. That is, I like to eat. And, I like to eat things that aren’t typically found in many dieting books. Moreover, I celebrate both Hannukkah and Christmas which means there are twice the treats. This time of year I like to eat cookies… lots and lots of cookies. My Mother-In-Law makes serious cookies… back-from-the-olden-days-cookies if you know what I’m saying. What’s a brother to do?!?!!!


2 responses to “HAPPY HANUKKAH! What’s A Brother To Do?

  1. Bernie December 18, 2014 at 8:08 pm

    enjoy the cookies, savor each morsel, chew slowly and you will eat less. But savor each and every one and the love that went into making them. When you finally are able to run again however long it takes, you can burn off all the wonderful loved baked goodies you enjoyed and your clothes will fit by summer…..LOL =D Enjoy the moments of this season and the memories. Life is short and meant to be loved upon with loved ones.

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