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I Made My Wife Cry – Gifts Abound – Stomachs Afull


Gifts Abound!  I got some good stuff including this shirt from my sister-in-law-to-be-some-day-hopefully. Like me she is also an attorney so this shirt is fitting, pun intended. Another notable gift was a set of heat-resistant spatulas that I cleverly hinted I wanted by posting my wishes on Facebook for all to see…my in-laws got the message.

I Made My Wife Cry. I got her a bunch of stuff but the winner was a photobook of her Instagram pictures. Score! I would’ve posted a picture evidencing this event but I got in trouble for posting something else on Facebook before she had a chance to shower and apply make-up. What can I say…I think she’s beautiful first thing in the morning.

Stomachs Afull.  I ate…a lot. I wish I could say it was limited to yesterday but holy crappers I’ve been eating nonstop for what seems like 2 weeks. I’m definitely going on a diet and exercise regimen…soon…next week…

Well, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas were fantastic this year. Just New Years Eve and Day stand in our way of the long wait until Valentine’s Day. I hope your holiday was as wonderful as mine. 🙂

Since so many of you have expressed your love of this ad from Apple, I’m leaving it in here. It’s entitled “Misunderstood” which I found to be smart, and it connects whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever…


My Market Watch:  Bonds Flat but trading near a Floor of Support.  The Fannie Mae bond is trading flat this morning. That said it’s very near a floor of support (Floor 1 in my graphic) and we need that floor to hold. If the bond falls below the floor we could see another tick for the worse. Hopefully trading will remain slow or improve…I think it will. Let me know if this doesn’t make sense to you…it would be my pleasure to explain….


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