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The Tooth Fairy

tooth fairy

  1. The Tooth Fairy visited my daughter last night. Interestingly enough, my daughter left a note for the Tooth Fairy asking for $10 because there was a special book she wanted to buy at her school’s book fair. But the Tooth Fairy didn’t oblige…no, too cheap I guess. The Fairy didn’t even have enough dollars for my daughter’s tooth last night…she left $5 in quarters in place of the tooth…and the note.
  2. Online locking is available for current rates until Sunday night 9:45p. The market cooled down this afternoon but bond prices held strong. All in all, it was a great week for bond trading and for our rates/pricing. I expect bonds to be sold off next week (1) since technical signals indicate we’ve reached a ceiling, and (2) I think traders will sell off to take gains from the week.
  3. Interbank’s only Fee is our $699 lender fee. We have no Redraw Fee, no Trust Fee, no Flood Fee, no Wire Fee, and no Phil’s Reconstructive Facial Surgery fees.
  4. Have a great weekend…! 🙂


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