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Goats Love Me! Champions

family_sjc_goatsfamily1Goats Love Me.  My recent weekend getaway to San Juan Capistrano was a nice retreat from the every day grind. And the goats loved me…make all the jokes you want but they were all over me.  My wife thinks it was the yummy lettuce and carrots I’m holding but I think I just attract the best in others. Another highlight was The Mission which was equally peaceful and beautiful. Here is a picture of my wife and kids at the Koi pond. If you want to read more about SJC, my wife wrote about it on her Blog:  What to Do in and near San Juan Capistrano with Kids.

duncan_jamesChampions!  I don’t want to gloat (rhymes with goat) about the Miami Heat winning the NBA Championship…so I won’t. Instead of relishing the victory and saying things like, “in your face sucka!” I will eat some of my own words. First, Tim Duncan is not old despite his age of 38. He is a force to be reckoned with and proved that hard work and sticking to fundamentals is a way to age powerfully. And Kawhi Leonard from San Diego State University was fantastic…he most certainly was not a lost puppy as I suggested he would be. That kid has got it all…if he continues to work he will be a superstar player in the league.

I don’t think this series was about Miami being better team…the Spurs are as good as it gets. I just think they let it get away and Miami is not the kind of team you can give a second chance, in their own building no less. I feel sad for Duncan and Parker but I’m happy for Wade and Allen. As for King James, he’s just going to get better and better…if his arrogance does not get in his way….

My Schedule:  Bonds Down – Rates Worse. The 30-year bond is down again -77 on the day. There are no economic reports today so hopefully the bleeding will stop here into the weekend…. But I fully expect a price worsening before the day is over.  Rather than type the same thing over and over, today I thought it would be interesting to look at some graphics. The graphics below are courtesy of MBS Highway…I use this site to keep on top of the market and get insight on what is going on the markets.  The first graphic illustrates the effect of Fed QE policy. The second graphic illustrates the decline in bond prices from May 3 to today. Let me know your thoughts….



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