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Yes Bonds Will Come Back But Down Again Today; Thank You!

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My Market Watch: Yes, Bonds will come back…. Why do I think bonds will come back? Because things are setting up for it in my opinion. Stock gains can’t last forever and eventually traders will start taking profits and selling off. Moreover, and again this is just my unprofessional opinion, the next negative economic report will have a bigger than usual impact because traders are looking for a reason to sell. And here’s the kicker…Bernanke and the Fed have not completely abandoned Quantitative Easing. They are still committed to buying mortgaged-backed securities for the remainder of the year. All that Bernanke said thus far is they are going to begin reducing the amount of buying…that’s a far cry from ditching it. I predict Bernanke will make a statement soon that reaffirms that commitment and when he does, bonds will sell like popovers at a Passover celebration. The big question is when, and to that I have no answer my friends. But I hope it’s soon!

Bonds are now down -88bps as I type but it looks like traders are starting to buy bonds and so we might see some relief yet today…let’s hope so. As of now, I do not know where the next floor of support is…without this reverse in trading there is no way for me to know where the bleeding stops….

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