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Tell Everybody! It’s Here! TravelMamas!

colleen_bookIt’s Here! The TravelMama’s Guide!   My wife, the TravelMama, has officially launched her book!  To say I’m proud would be a humongous understatement. She’s been working on this and her travel site for 7+ years. The book is about Vacationing with Babies and Children AND STAYING SANE. Please tell your spouse, your friends, your family, your acquaintances, your neighbors, your hair-stylist, your bartender, your Rabbi or Preacher, your cleaning lady, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your, your, your…I guess that’s about it.  Wait, tell your Facebook friends and LinkedIn friends too! 🙂  Whoohoooo, I’m so stoked!


My Market Watch:  Bonds are down…again. This morning after the initial rate  sheet was published bonds starting dropping fast…I put out an Alert earlier in case of a mid-day reprice for the worse which I am almost certain will be issued. Since then traders have been buying candles8enough to reverse the direction and we’re a little more stable right now. But the damage has been done and there is enough on the table to warrant a reprice for the worse…my guess is it’s coming. There are no reports today or tomorrow but Wednesday the Fed will be in the spotlight…this usually has a tendency to move the market. In the meantime, we’re focused on the buying and selling of stocks as bonds should react in the reverse.

My Schedule:  working from home…available all day.


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