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Wall Street Monkeys

geniusappleMy Schedule…and A Little Extra:  4 hours and 6 Genius employees at the Apple store yesterday…that’s how long and how many people it took to buy my wife a new iPhone5 and get her Outlook with calendar, email and contacts synced.  Granted I’m no expert when it comes to technology but I’m no dingdong either. Yet I have tried to get her iPhone synced for 2 years to no avail…the number of hours spent trying is countless.  I even camped out at an Apple store once before trying to get it to work.  The only solution I could reasonably come up with was to buy a Mac so everything would talk to each other seamlessly. And so this was my last attempt…if it didn’t work this time, I’m chucking out the $2,500 for a Mac. Before I left it seemed to be working…everything synced and functioning perfectly, UNTIL I got home.  Then I spent another hour or so tweaking things to make it work.  And I’m not convinced.  I’m gonna need some more loans people…Daddy gots to buy a new computer me thinks!  |||  Watch this…amazing and true:  Wall Street Monkeys

My Market Watch:  Rates/pricing is improved from Friday on troubling news out of the European financial markets.  Bonds are on a roll!  This week is the Fed meeting which starts tomorrow…depending on how traders interpret the mood of the meeting will likely drive rates/pricing this week.  With such a boost in the economic outlook over the last few weeks it should be an interesting meeting with lots of commentary on the future of Quantitative Easing. If recent history repeats this is what will happen…one of the Fed members will speak out against continued buying of bonds by the Fed and will vehemently opine that the Fed should back away from QE as soon as possible. Traders, after hearing this statement will immediately sell bonds and buy stocks which will drive bond pricing down/worse. Then a different member or maybe even Bernanke himself will make a responsive statement that the Fed has no intentions of changing monetary policy anytime soon.  This of course will reverse the previous actions and bond pricing will go up/improve.  It’s a little cat and rat game they like to play…yeah rat, not mouse. My Disclaimer

My Schedule:  Today I am available all day.

My Fun Stuff:  Wall Street Monkeys  |  I watch this almost every single day  |||  All My Fun Stuff

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