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Swing The Legs Soldier!

hulkaMy Schedule…and A Little Extra:  Swing the Legs Soldier!  I worked out this morning for the first time in two and a half weeks.  I was up at 5a, got my blank out of bed and was at the club by 5:45a.  It was painful.  Being sick the last couple weeks has put a damper in my workout schedule and I finally felt up to the task to get back into it…but man, I tell ya, it was hard work getting out of bed.  I used to have a trainer who told me that when he was in the military his CO would come into the barracks at the crack of dawn screaming “swing those legs soldier!”. That meant swing the legs out of bed.  Now when my iPhone wakes me up at 5a I think just that…swing your legs Phil…get your blank out of bed!

My Schedule:  I have an appointment today at 11a in Lake Forest and otherwise available.

My Market Watch:  Pricing is the same as yesterday after the price worsening.  Today the Fed minutes from January 30th will be released.  This report has a tendency to move the markets but usually it has just a mediocre effect since most of the information about that meeting is already known.  However, it’s possible there’s a nugget in the minutes that motivates traders to buy or sell bonds. After all, traders are looking for any information that will give them some insight into the direction of the market.  If they feel a new piece of information in the minutes indicates a stronger economy, it’s a good excuse to sell off bonds to free up funds to invest in stocks…this would worsen mortgage rates/prices.  On the other hand, if they find something that indicates a weaker economy than thought, then they would sell off stocks and use the capital to invest in bonds instead…this would improve rates/pricing.  So, all eyes are on the minutes which are released at 11a. My Disclaimer

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