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Lance Armstrong – A Discussion…

lanceMy Schedule…and A Little Extra:  “He’s a liar, a cheater, a blanking cheater…he should give up all his money and achievements!” I said.  She said, “but everyone was doing it.”  I responded, “How is that possibly an excuse…if our daughter or son used that excuse what would you say?”  Her reply, “I would tell them to make a better choice next time.”  And so it went back and forth.  “All his achievements were based on a lie…and then he flat out lied to his family, to his fans, to the world.  He stood for perseverance, bravery, integrity…all destroyed. And what about those people he bullied to protect his brand…he sued people to protect his lie…how do you defend that?”  She paused, took a deep breath, and then said, “despite his transgressions, he still fought cancer, he still fought depression, he still fought fatigue, he still fought to live life.  He competed, he trained…he did not give up, and through it all he gave people hope, people facing the gravest of circumstances…he gave them someone to look up to. And he gave back, with his foundation amongst other charitable contributions.  I’m not saying what he did was okay…it was wrong and he had to live each day knowing it…which is why he finally decided to come clean.  His life is very different now…he will pay for what he’s done…I suspect he will see his fair share of litigation not to mention the permanent damage to his reputation.  His brand means a very different thing than it did…but I forgive him and appreciate the good things he did for people.”  She’s good isn’t she…always finds the good in others…either that or she is delusional because of his good looks and his crazy mesmerizing eyes.  “Well, I’ll forgive him, thanks to your assessment of the good he did for so many people.  But I looked up to him…I believed in him and I believed him when he denied everything…he hurt me and I won’t forget it.  I’ll tell you one thing, he’d better dedicate the rest of his life to helping others…that will hopefully be his true legacy…”  She smiled.

My Schedule:  I have two meetings today, one at noon and one at 3p in Irvine…please be patient with replies….  APPOINTMENTS.  I am setting up appointments for the next several weeks…please let me know if you’re interested in an office visit.  I will be sharing my insight on how to get new business in 2013 and what to prepare for as the year progresses….

My Market Watch:  Rates are better today and the market is flat otherwise thus far.  Not much to report today….  My Disclaimer

My Important Reminders:

  • UW CHANGE.  Beginning with applications dated on or after 1/21/13, UWs will ask for 2012 W2s for salaried borrowers.  In the event the borrower has not yet received the W2, the condition will be added to the Approval and it must be furnished prior to closing.
  • STILL WANTED.  We are looking for Senior Underwriters, Loan Coordinators, Junior UWs, Doc Specialists and Funders. Referrals are greatly appreciated.  Remote positions are available.

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