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I’m Not Alone

icefishingMy Schedule…and A Little Extra:  I struck a nerve with several readers yesterday when I posted my Live For Today post.  It’s flattering to have so many positive comments about the things I write.  Sometimes I wonder if this is the right medium for my posts where I reveal personal feelings.  But comments like yesterday vindicate my openness.  My sister told me she adores me.  My wife complimented me but challenged my use of the word “intoxicating”…she’s a real writer. 🙂   One reader commented on my story about the Joshua Tree Brave The Weather? post…it triggered memories of taking his 11-year old son (whom he did not get to spend a lot of time with) ice fishing in a winter storm where everyone thought they were crazy.  They ended up catching the maximum allowed and it has become legendary in their family and one of his, and his son’s, fondest memories.  Below is a comment from a reader on my Live For Today post I thought I’d share:

Your comments today really spoke to me and I am sure many others. I think your Dad  has it right about live for today because today is all we really have. As we get older we do lose our childlike approach to life.  The key is to think like that again and find gratitude for each day. I too miss the untarnished confidence I once had for this industry and appreciate you being so open about your feelings. We’re not alone J and I know it is all just a perspective adjustment.

Thank you for your comments…it feels good knowing I’m not alone….

My Schedule:  I have a conference call at 10a for an hour and then one appointment this afternoon at 1:30.  APPOINTMENTS.  I am setting up appointments for the next several weeks…please let me know if you’re interested in an office visit.  I will be sharing my insight on how to get new business in 2013 and what to prepare for as the year progresses….

My Market Watch:  Rates/pricing are worse on the 30-year coupons from yesterday but no change on 15 and 10 years.  Bonds took a step back after stocks had a minor surge on jobless data.  Simply put, the report showed that less people applied for employment benefits…this is understandably interpreted as a good thing for the economy.  When traders have any data that the economy may be stronger, then they will put their money into stocks and usually bonds suffer as a result.  When bonds suffer, in general terms our rates/pricing worsen.  Although the reverse correlation of stocks and bonds is not a definitive rule, it works most of the time.  TODAY’S OUTLOOK – CAUTION:  As of right now bonds are trading lower…losses have already been included in today’s rates since they were published just a little while ago but if it continues on this downward trend, then you’d better watch out.  Keep an eye on the market…I know I will…..  My Disclaimer

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