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The Hobbit; Too Harsh?

hobittMy Schedule…and A Little Extra:   I saw The Hobbit last night…it was just okay.  Certainly not the epic Lord Of The Rings and most definitely not Peter Jackson’s best work.  Some scenes were, eh, cheesy…that is, way too far beyond the realm of plausible.  I mean, we go to these movies knowing that trees don’t really come alive and that mountains don’t really fight each other during a storm, but we put aside that mindset and live within the author’s imagination.  But at the same time the plausibility of what is happening must stay within a certain boundary.  You can’t have a group of 15  fall 1000 feet down a mountainside with boulders flying everywhere and everyone just gets up and walks away unscathed.  Does that make sense? Also, having read the books when I was a kid, I found myself trying to remember since the movie seemed very different from my memory.  I was disappointed but I still found it entertaining….  |   Was it too harsh?  My post yesterday received many comments when I insisted the LO must be more proactive with expiring documentation and how you have to manage expectations of your client.  Most of the comments agreed with me but then added something about how the lender has to take responsibility for its delays.  I don’t disagree.  But I feel at ease knowing Interbank usually steps up and does the right thing most of the time, particularly when it comes to lock expirations. Anyway, I love this kind of commentary…it’s healthy.

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