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snickersMy Schedule…and A Little Extra:   Every night after she’s tucked in and the lights are out, I tell my daughter a story.  Sometimes it’s just a simple short adventure but most of the time I tell her a story that has some kind of a moral problem and resolution.  For example, last night I told her a story about three friends that were in a store in the candy section…one of the girls put a candy bar in her pocket to steal and encouraged the other two girls to do it too.  Then I drag out the story for dramatic effect and ultimately come to the moral dilemma and resolution.  I’m hoping my stories teach her the difference between right and wrong, integrity, honor…you get the idea, right?  Anyway, I think last night’s story came on ears that were too tired.  When I completed the story I asked her if she understood or had any questions.  She had but one question, “Daddy, what kind of candy bar was it?”  Snickers.

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