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Thankful:  |Mo| That I can grow a mustache that is not too embarrassing and raise $595, so far, for cancer research. |O| For a job that has given me the not-to-take-for-granted infrastructure to earn enough money to pay my bills, and sleep. |D| For my Dad who just turned 80 and has the innate ability to make people smile…he has been and continues to be a positive force in my life. |M| For my Mom for so many reasons…most recently for her courage, commitment, and most of all, and not to be understated, the love she feels and exudes for her family and close friends. |B| For my reborn relationship with my brother…so awesome. |S| For my two sisters who have found love…the real love…the fairytale love. |F| For all the other family members and in-laws in my life that if I were to write it all out would make this post too long. |L| For my son who makes it difficult to realize he is sick because he doesn’t complain and just wants to be happy and have fun. |K| For my daughter who is a lot smarter than me and is teaching me the most important lessons of my life. |C| For my wife, who never stops trying to be a better person…who reaches for enlightenment, and who wants and encourages me to come along for the ride. |||  I have so much to be thankful for…I want the universe to hear me, feel me, and absorb my sincere gratitude for all these and many more blessings.  Amen.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Donate:  Above is my wife and kids attempt at the mustache for Movember.  So far I’ve raised $595 for cancer research and would be VERY THANKFUL for a small addition from you J:

2 responses to “Thankful

  1. Joan Grossfield November 25, 2012 at 4:52 pm

    You are truly a blessing! Love Mom and Dad. Of course, Dad only remembers his part!

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