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Clarification on Term Limits

My Schedule…and A Little Extra:   Yes, I can fix this country…my post yesterday is bullet-proof.  One thing I forgot to mention…after I change the Presidential term to 6 years, the President does not participate in a re-election campaign.  Rather, after the President has served 5 years, there will be a vote by the House, Senate and Congress on whether to extend the term for another 2 years for a total of 6-years.  I’ll have to figure out the exact number of votes and logistics needed but suffice it to say it will take more than just democrats or republicans to get an extension.  If not extended, the President is out after 6 years and a new election commences with brand new candidates.  This way the President is never using time and focus to get re-elected so all his or her energy is dedicated to the country for the entire 6-year term.  Did I mention yesterday that my $500 million consulting and execution fee that I will charge America will need to be paid in cash?  Oh, and I’ll need half paid up front.

My Market Watch:  Bonds are trading a little better after losing almost a point in price over the last week.  However, technical signals do not favor bonds right now.  In other words, I’m not bully on bonds.  Put yet another way, I recommend caution in how you treat locks…watch the market closely and be prepared to pull the trigger if necessary.   My Disclaimer

My Schedule: Available late this morning and all afternoon….

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