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NMLS Continuing Education Requirements; I DID NOT Walk Out With More

My Schedule…and A Little Extra:   The NMLS sent a reminder to LOs about CE – Continuing Education for 2012.  If you did not know, you are required to do CE for 8-hours annually.  For details see state specific CE requirements here.   ||   It occurred to me that I walked out of the races this weekend with winning tickets in my hand.  That is, I forgot to cash them in.  Arrrrg.  So now I have to go back to the track and cash them in.  Arrrrg.  Do I have to pay for parking so I can cash them in?  Do I have to pay to get in to cash them in?  Arrrrg.  I guess I’ll have to go over there and find out….

My Market Watch:  Rates are a little better than yesterday in some spots and the same in most others.  Trading appears to be flat…probably waiting for Bernanke’s speech on Friday.  Read my post about this here:  Ben Bernanke Speaks.   According to CoreLogic, foreclosures have decreased since last year, that’s promising.  And, inventories of existing homes continued to trend downward, that’s good too.  Although the economy is still dragging, the housing market appears to be doing better, nice, eh?   My Disclaimer

My Schedule: Behind the computer all day….

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