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Big Week in Markets! Olympics – Bucket List Contest

My Schedule…and A Little Extra:  I love the Olympics.  If you’ve ever read my posts about American Idol, it’s a similar feeling for me…I love to watch people’s dreams come true.  But unlike American Idol, whose dreams often start from flipping burgers to an audition, the Olympians train their whole lives for this one moment.  It’s much more stressful and wonderful to watch.  I’m trying to get my kids into it…as long as I record the 5-hour show and fast forward to the good stuff it seems to be working.  My daughter wants to sign up for gymnastics all of a sudden…imagine that?!  |||  Michael Phelps came in fourth place…he’s never not medaled, right?  I saw an interview with him after the race and he seemed utterly confused, like he was in a dream, or rather a nightmare.  I’ve seen other interviews with him as well and he just doesn’t seem like he’s into it this time.  I heard he hasn’t trained as long as usual.  Very odd to me…the guys whole world is racing and it seems he’s not even present…like he’s distracted by something.  I bet when this is all over some story will come of it, something we don’t know.

My Mystery Lyric:  You’d think that people would have had enough of silly love songs — But I look around me and I see it isn’t so — Some people wanna fill the world with silly love songs — And what’s wrong with that?  I’d like to know, ’cause here I go…again!  Answer

My Market Watch:  Bonds bounced back this morning and rates look good.  This is a big week for the market.  First, there are two humongous meetings this week for Central Banks…the European Central Bank and ours at home in America.  Then on Friday is the big Jobs Report.  Although the Central Bank meetings could affect the markets drastically, the Jobs Report is one of those consistent market-movers you can rely upon to get the attention of all the investors.  I’ll be watching it all week, but suffice it to say the report usually has the traders ready to pull the trigger…which gun they fire is the question.  Everything depends on expectations building up over the next four days on what the report will indicate.  If traders feel the report will indicate economic weakness, then they’ll be trading all week with that in mind.  So, when the numbers are finally released on Friday, the big question is how different from expectations are the numbers?  You dig it?    Disclaimer

My Schedule: Available all day…working on month-end issues….

BUCKET-LIST CONTEST:   What’s on Your Life’s Bucket-List?  How about a $5,000 vacation to make your bucket-list wish come true from Hilton Garden Inn around the globe?!  Watch the video…its awesome and enter the contest at my wife’s TravelMamas website!


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