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Correction; Great Advice; Weekend Lock-Cutoff

GREAT ADVICE:  If you are in the woods, and you are alone, and you hear a noise in the next cabin, but nobody answers, and you hear an owl hoot nearby but you can’t see it, and the skin on the back of your neck begins to crawl, and you hear the noise in the cabin again, and nobody answers, DON’T GO SEE WHAT’S IN THE CABIN!  RUN LIKE HELL!

CORRECTION:  In my email this morning I incorrectly said Marlon Brando was in The Ten Commandments.  I meant Charlton Heston, not Marlon Brando.  I received a ton of emails about it…sorry.  Anyway, I maintain The Ten Commandments was one of the scariest movies of all time.                

Rates are good until Sunday night at 9:45pm PST.  Bonds were down at the close today and stocks were rallying after Wells Fargo and JPMorgan reported strong earnings for the quarter.  Not sure what that will mean for Monday’s rates but it’s good to know that if you feel like locking on today’s rates the window stays open for you through the weekend.

Click here for Quick Lock Instructions and click here for our Pricing Engine  (password is required)

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