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DTI Unlimited/Irrelevant With DU Approval; My IT Job

My Schedule…and A Little Extra:  I finally gave up after spending hours trying to figure it out.  My wife’s computer crashed yesterday, specifically with Outlook.  As her official IT guy, I spent all night trying to figure out why her deleted emails folder was corrupted…maybe it had something to do with the 30,000 emails in there and another 10,000 elsewhere.  I finally gave up and created an all new profile meaning exporting and importing everything with some tolerable data loss.  I’m sure this is extremely exciting news for you…I’m all keyed up just typing about it!  And so this is your Little Extra today…with little sleep you’re just going to have to suffer.  All right, well, that was fun.  I need to make more coffee.

My Mystery Lyric:  You’ve got me captured, I’m under your spell…I guess I’ll never learn — I have your picture, yes I know it well…Another page is turned — Are you for real, it’s so hard to tell…From just a magazine — Yeah, you just smile and the picture sells…Look what that does to me –I’ll wait till your love comes down…I’m coming straight for your heart — No way you can stop me now…As fine as you are…. — Answer

My Market Watch:  Bonds continue to trade at nice levels and stocks are not performing well…this is the one-two punch for us…great for our rates.  Today there is a note auction for 3-year notes.  Although this auction could move the markets I don’t anticipate any huge fluctuations.  Without anything else going on, there would have to be some big geopolitical news or weather or something.   Disclaimer

My Schedule:  This morning I am in an Interbank conference call and then a training I must attend.  As a result, I may be difficult to reach this morning and you may experience a delay in my email replies until this afternoon.  I will be behind the computer and available all afternoon….

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