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Sleep-Deprivation Took Its Toll; Jobs Report Tomorrow!

My Schedule…and A Little Extra:   Good times, y’all!  But sleep-deprivation had taken its toll.  On Tuesday we had a neighborhood celebration at our park.  There was food galore, face-painting, dancing, a hula-hoop contest, water balloon tossing, glow-sticks, and those big blow-up obstacle course things that my son went through about 75 times.  The night ended with fireworks and two very sleepy kids who finally got to bed about 3 hours past their normal bed-time.  Any idea what sleep-deprivation does to a 7 and 4 year old the next day?  Well, surprisingly the kids got through the day relatively unscathed as my wife and I prepared for a small neighborhood get-together.  Towards the end of the night, which lasted a little longer than we all really expected, the first evident sign of sleep-deprivation finally reared its ugly head.  I was approached by two of the other parents to inform me that my 4-year old was hitting kids with a plastic bat in the backyard.  At least it was a plastic bat, eh?  So then again, for the second night in a row, our two little ones got to sleep late.  The next morning, after I dragged my daughter out of bed, she uncharacteristically rejected her peanut-butter toast by shoving it on the floor.  At least it was just toast that was tossed, eh?  But who cares?  The kids will remember the park celebration and our little get-together and the bat hitting and toast tossing will be easily be forgotten, eh?  Good times y’all!  🙂

My Mystery Magic:  Cool Card Trick

My Market Watch:  Tomorrow is the Jobs Report and this is the one report that seems to have the biggest bang for markets moves, at least before the Euro-drama entered the scene.  So, traders are trying to figure out what’s gonna happen tomorrow.  As they do their guess-work, they are trading today in anticipation.  So, if the majority of traders feel the Jobs Report will be slightly weak tomorrow, and the report comes in as expected, then you’ll see little moves tomorrow.  But when the report is a surprise…something unexpected, look out!  One way or the other, bonds will trade high or low.  This is so exciting, don’t you think?!      Disclaimer

My Schedule:  Behind the computer all day….

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